Jasmine Day & Night Cream


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Jasmine Day & Night Cream
Jasmine Day & Night Cream
Our new JASMINE DAY & NIGHT CREAM is being freshly made to order by yours truly.

I promise you it is pure luxury.

Why Jasmine?

Besides the fact that Jasmine smells amazing, Jasmine contains a bounty of antioxidants and is ideal for fighting environmental aggressors leaving skin looking refreshed and vibrant. Using Jasmine at night helps your skin cells produce more collagen.

Jasmine helps to fade away age spots; it is rich in hydration and does not clog pores. It helps to infuse the skin with deep-down moisturisation.

It is soothing for your sensors, and it is comforting, calming inflammation and irritation without causing breakouts on your skin. It is also beneficial in fighting acne because it has wound healing properties and can be helpful in the general care of the treatment of psoriasis.

Inhaling the fragrance of Jazmine oil has the below effects on the central nervous system and mood. Jasmine is stress-busting, sleep-inducing and an aphrodisiac. It can help relieve depression and improve your mood.

Jasmine oil can even help in reducing the symptoms of menopause!

You have to try some.

Jasmine Day & Night Cream
Jasmine Day & Night Cream